UNStudio is a topological design firm in a world that is becoming less and less Euclidean by the day.

As parametric design comes more to the fore, architects are beginning to think in terms of NURBSs (Non-uniform rational B-splines) and topological relationships–relationships where spatial properties are preserved under continuous deformations of objects, rather than geometric ones. UNStudio is spearheading this movement. I created this suitcase with the UNStudio approach, as well as their concepts of parametric design and the after image.

UNStudio was asked by a couple to design a house in which the couple could cohabit yet remain always separate. UNStudio looked to the mobius strip for its property of having two sides to a single plane that becomes one infinite path, and created the Mobius House. Just as UNStudio utilized the spatial properties inherent to the mobius strip to create a house for a couple whose lives ran infinitely next to each other but never intersected, I used the properties of the torus to create this parametrical alterable suitcase. While UNSuitcase is in its closed form, it remains topologically equivalent to the torus, yet new spaces are created in the interior areas. The topology is altered when one opens the suitcase, and the circling pathway opens up to the user.