Beatrix Carroll


Beatrix Carroll (b.1989) Artist, based in New York City. She graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Architecture and Mathematics in 2011. Currently she works doing data analysis, insights, and optimizations at a tech start-up in NYC, while maintaining a presence in the art world. She has worked with many established artists. Her previous employment includes work for Alfredo Jaar (project manager, administrative, background research for projects), Tino Segal (active performer in his “This Progress”, at the Guggenheim, January to March 2010), and Pedro Reyes (active performer in “Sanatorium”, using mathematic skills to therapeutically quantify abstract problems). In the past year she has worked with Nicole Cohen (3D Render using Rhino and Photoshop, for public art work exhibited at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, CA.), sound artist Justin Bennett and poet Matthea Harvey (facilitator for Guggenheim-curated walking tour of Staten Island, "Telettrofono") and composer Arvo Part (facilitator for Guggenheim walking tour of lower Manhattan, "To a Great City"). She is a member of the artist groups The Berlin Collective founded by Cohen, the RenaissanceNYC, and EmergArts, and is also a staff writer for the web site

Her artwork has a focus on urban and anatomical systems and their functionality. She also has a strong interest in performance art and recently has been exploring popular music and particularly hip hop culture in her work. She has exhibited in galleries on the Lower East Side, and in numerous group exhibitions. For more information, please email