What happens when the concept tessellation is brought into the third dimension? The perfect brick structure. Using grasshopper, I created a model that allows one to customize their brick to achieve a wall with the desired visibility and transparency properties, all the while ensuring that the brick is tesselable. The result is a wall of infinite potential shapes, all from a single brick.

Time and time again parametric design software has been used to create surfaces of intricate variation. These walls are supposed to be impressively complex, but I just find them complicated, which is not impressive unto itself. Each brick or panel is different from every other, making for an arduous construction process at an unjustifiably high cost. I see this as a misuse of technology because complexity can be generated from only form, and I made TesselaBrick to prove this. By using one form which locks into itself, TesselaBrick has eliminated the need for joinery or mortar. Since the pattern is made from a single repeated form, construction is simple and requires much less manpower and expertise; thus the hope that families will be excited to customize and actually construct their own perforated brick wall around the house. Ah, the “simple” life.